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  • Emma Pasternak

Harry Styles Love On Tour 2023

I have to say, even though I had seen him 4 times before this concert, this was the best Harry Styles concert I’ve ever been to. It was at Wembley Stadium in London and oh my God. The stadium was FILLED. I think that even a person with the worst seats in the entire world would be blessed to be there. Unlike Love on Tour 2022, he sang Grapejuice (!!!!!!!!!!) and Fine Line, and while my show did not get the beloved Stockholm Syndrome, we got Medicine (which I was thrilled to hear, having never heard it live before) and Little Freak! This show felt especially different to his tour during 2021, which makes sense because his fanbase has gotten larger, and he sang a lot less from the album Fine Line, and obviously more from Harry’s House.

However, to be honest, the highlight of the show might’ve been before the actual show started. Going into the stadium, I knew that Harry had been watching the opener, Madi Diaz from his “Love Band,” on the side and I laughed at the idea of getting to see him. My mom and I got to our seats, which were amazingly close to the stage (thank you, mom) and I decided to check out the area nearby, which I could tell led to backstage. I wasn’t expecting anything, but as I walked over, I noticed my all-time idol, Jeff Azoff! I also noticed the rest of the band standing and watching, including Sarah, Mitch, Pauli, and Harry’s photographer, Lloyd. Then, I saw a girl near me holding up her phone to take videos of Harry’s team, and I asked her why she was doing it, since it was pretty obvious and a bit rude towards the people she was filming. She then enlightened me. Harry Styles was, in fact, with that group of people and had been there the whole time! Astonished, I followed her pointer finger to see his (tattooed) legs, right in front of me, maybe 3 feet away. Eventually, he stood up and we could all see him right there, gym shorts, sunglasses, and all. Although I didn’t get a wave from him and he clearly wanted to try to keep to himself while watching Madi Diaz, I was still pretty amazed that I was able to be right next to him. He was literally just a normal person!

Later, I gathered up the nerve to go talk to Pauli, as he’s my favorite member of the band, and he was sitting close to the seats, easily accessible. I told him how much I adore his energy and talent, and that I’m so glad he joined the band. He thanked me and I went back to my seat. After the set, they all started to get up and leave, Harry fist-pumping and waving to fans, and I took the chance to try to talk to my idol. I quickly called out “Mr. Azoff!” and surprisingly, he turned around and looked at me! I talked to him about my dreams of working in the music industry, how much I admire his work, and asked for some advice on going into the business. He ended up writing down my email in his notes app and saying he would reach out with some ideas/opportunities for me, and gave me the advice to “never give up.” That is what I’m doing right now, with my podcasts, concerts, and applying to colleges in the near future. Thanks, Mr. Azoff!

Although that was an extremely long (and maybe unnecessary story) that I’m not sure anyone wanted to hear, I had an overall great time at the concert. Harry’s stage presence was amazing. He even led us in a rendition of Freddie Mercury’s chant/song that he taught the crowd when HE was at Wembley a while back. Harry was truly a class act, as my mom described him; grateful, humble, good-looking, talented, happy, and a real performer. Even though I’ve seen him so many times (and no, I don’t think I’ll ever stop), each time he just manages to amaze me even more.

Harry Styles, you’ve done it again.


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