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On July 4, 2022, a shooter murdered seven people and injured 48 in my hometown of Highland Park, Illinois. Almost everyone in my town has a traumatic story about that day. My twin brother and the high school football team were just about to march in the annual Independence Day parade, running from the scene as gunshots started blaring through the sounds of music and children laughing.


I'm done with "thoughts and prayers," I told my family and friends. That summer, other students from Highland Park and I formed a chapter of Students Demand Action for our Highland Park/Highwood community. I was fortunate to be mentored by other students experienced in social action. Last year, we made a tangible impact by urging citizens to pass the Illinois ban on assault weapons (it was successful)! This year, along with my co-president and our 40+ members, we will continue the progress made in Illinois and other states by educating citizens and using common interests to move the debate forward.   

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Get involved! See the sites below for several national resources that depend on volunteers and social activists seeking change.

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